Sunday, September 26, 2010

My First Post Along with My First Tory Burch

Just last week, I went shopping with my good friend Jenny when we chanced upon Tory Burch's store front at Greenbelt 5.  We always wanted to have a look around the store but never had a chance to, so when we did, we really looked around...  And then there it was! That fabulous bag with the paint splattered pattern of blue, ochre, white, black, red, with a hint of moss green!  Both of us liked it... but I guess one of us liked it more.  I confirmed with the salesperson that I can get a 10% discount on cash purchase with my Rustan's discount card and thought of sleeping on it first before "splurging" on an impulse.  So I haven't bought it that day.  That night, I told my mom about the bag and she told me she will accompany me the next morning to check it out... Usually, when my mom offers to accompany me to see something, it most certainly has her approval of me buying it. Around 80% approved!  Not that I need my mom's approval when I buy things but it gives me validity or lesser guilt to buy it.  My mom and I are close, we almost always share the same views so that explains why I feel that way. 
Love the logo. This is the bag sack.

The Tory Burch Wally-Print Olympia Tote Bag.
I just love this bag, with all the chaos, there's order.  Edgy yet chic.  My kinda style.

A closer look at the details...

Inner zipper detail.

Inner logo medallion.

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