Saturday, December 31, 2011


Another year has passed.  As I reflect on what transpired this year, to me, around me, and around the world, it really helps that one should have faith.   For this gives us hope.  For something good. Something better. 

Think of the good side of things. Count your blessings, be happy and be content, because life is too short to waste on trivial matters.  Do what you want to do so that you will not regret not doing it in the future.  Don't think what other people will say and just do what you think is best for yourself as long as you will not hurt anybody.

Happy New Year!!!

May we all have a great year ahead and achieve our goals and dreams!  And stay stylish and beautiful while doing it!  Cheers!!!

What I'm Wearing for the Holidays

  Top by Zara, cargo pants by Zara, ballet flats from Payless

Vintage knit sleeveless top, flared pants by Forever 21, platform wedge sandals from M&S.  I'm loving my embellished cross necklace from SM.  I wore it almost everyday this Holiday season.

Top by Plains & Prints, skirt by Zara, wedge pumps by M&S.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sephora Make-up palette

My sister gave me this make-up palette for Christmas!  I'm sooo excited to try these.... the color combinations are endless...
by the way, I'm also wearing a t-shirt from my niece, it has all of France's famous landmarks, which I love so much!!!

My Shoes of 2011

Below are the shoes I bought just this year... Almost one per month... which made me guilty...

My comfy Crocs

My Zara sandals (Spring 2011).  I love the pop of blue color.

My cheap SM shoes, I liked the detail of its sole.

Well, I just needed a pair of basic ballet flats... with a little faux fur of course!  Isabel Toledo for Payless.

I love the pale pink of this plastic shoe by Mel (Inspirations by Melissa)

The wedge and platform made this black sexy sandals from M & S very comfy! I can wear this all day!

A pair of sexy purple sandal by Christian Siriano for Payless.  Surprisingly secure and stable even if its a little high for me.

My brown wedge pumps from Lower East Side from Payless
And another ballet flats from Christian Siriano for Payless.  I like the snakeskin texture and blue metallic color of this pair.

I still have one more shoe to be acquired for 2011, I had it custom-made and hopefully it will be delivered to me before the new year. I'm so excited!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


     As I woke up to a rainy Saturday morning(its the rainy season again, and typhoons just come right after the other during this time of the year), I happen to browse some videos from Youtube and discovered these two talented cellists from Croatia.  Not only do they play the cello, but they play rock cello!  Here they played "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana:
      Pretty awesome, huh! I am so impressed!  I'm just so amazed at these artists.  For me, being able to play an instrument really needs a lot of dedication and hardwork, it's just not because you like to play an instrument but you have to stick to it.  Everything from time, effort, money are sacrificed in order to acquire the skills to play a classical instrument.  When you've acquired the skills, you're good, but it takes talent, real talent, for you to become extraordinary.   I've always loved to play the violin, you can say I'm a frustrated violinist.  Ever since I was a kid I loved listening to the violin.  I loved the idea of being able to play the violin so much that I enrolled myself to a violin class one summer, when I was a freshman in college, but as the weeks passed and I realized that it's hard, my fingers hurt really bad from holding down the strings and I have an impatient violin teacher.  Plus, I realized I don't have the talent, so I gave up and decided not to continue.  I only got to play  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  That is one of my frustrations, and so when I come across someone that plays a classical instrument, especially a string instrument, I'm always amazed by them and wished I too, can play....
     2Cellos consist of Luka Sulic, 24, and Stjepan Hauser,25, both are from Croatia.  They are classically trained but felt that they wanted to play their instruments differently and maximizing their instruments' potential,  like Rock, a genre that's also close to their hearts.  And so, just early this year, they have collaborated and produced a video where they played Michael Jackson's  Smooth Criminal by cello, uploaded it on Youtube, got a million hits in just a few days, major record labels called, and the rest is history.  Now they have a self titled album, and have toured with Sir Elton John, no less!    Here's a video of them playing one of my favorite songs from U2, With Or Without You:
     They play with such passion, watching them play always brings a smile to my lips.   I think I'm a fan for life!   BRAVO!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Funny, Furry Coat

Last Friday night, I was able to have dinner with a good friend of mine and do a little window shopping. Of course our favorite store, ZARA, is always a priority. They already started displaying the Fall collection for about 2 months now and are still adding new stocks. The merchandise look so great with all the rich colors and textures. That is why I like the Fall collection more than the others.

Then, we came across this hairy, furry coat that sort of reminds me of the yeti or abominable snowman coz it's just so hairy... We had fun trying it on and posing for pictures... But I must admit, after looking at the picture for the nth time, it does rub off on you, well, it did on me. And I sort of adore it now. Too bad it's not practical for me to buy it unless we have autumn and winter seasons here.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dreamy Boots!

Prada has some fantastic boots this season!  So in love with these boots! There are other color combinations from the collection but these are my top choices! Ahh... a girl can dream...

Photos from

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Random Shoe Love

I know these are a little tame, but something makes them special, like heel, color and pattern.  What's your choice? Take your pick!

More Fall 2011 shoe selection to come!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Daiso loot...

A trip to the discount Japanese store, Daiso, produced a banana case(hey, it really is useful for packing a super ripe banana!), HB pencils(for my niece), lemon milk candies(I love lemon so much, so when you say 'lemon', I say 'yes'!!! Seriously, I love anything lemon and lemon flavored.), bubble gum flavored soda(English label at the store said lemon soda, so I bought it.  I also think the bottle is cute!), and lastly, plum tea(I love tea, but this is a salty plum tea, it just tastes gross, I want to throw it away. It's that bad.)
I remembered my father used to buy me HB pencils when I was little.  He would usually come from trips from HongKong or Japan and he would bring me Sanrio HB pencils.  HB for me writes the best.  It's darker compared to the others like 2B. This happened so frequently that I learned to collect pencils... with different cute designs. (Hmm, I should do a blog about that!) 
The light blue bottle of this bubble gum flavored soda is so unique! There's also weird and wonderful characters on the label.  So funny and cute!  Gotta love those Japanese... they are so creative!

Polish it up!!!

I was able to go to the department store yesterday and looked at some nailpolish.  I got so excited with the colors that I bought seven of 'em! Now that's a  new record for me! I usually buy just 1 or 2 at a time.  I feel so guilty! 
Top, left to right: Caronia-Italian Nude, Baby Pink, Trance, Caress-Obsession.
Bottom, left to right: Bobbie-Star Gazer, Charmed, Caress-Christmas Polka.
I applied the Caronia-Trance then topped it with Bobbie-Star Gazer. This reminds me of the starry night sky.  I'm lovin' the shimmer and glitters! I'll be posting pictures of my mani  as I try out the other colors!

Shoes of my dreams

These Fall 2011 shoes by Alexander Birman are so sexy.  Perfect for a night about town.
I love these two from the Marni collection. So cute, quirky and fun!
So love these heels too! Grey for the sophisticated, Bronze for the sultry and seductive, and the Light Pink for the flirty. I prefer the flirty...
I'll be posting more of my dream shoes soon!

Photos from

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Once a kitten....

Last year,  when I visited my dear sister at her house, I saw a kitten that's in badly need of a home at a vacant lot beside their house.  I don't usually pick up stray or orphaned kittens but something about this little thing tugged at my heart, and the hard shell that I had broke.  Luckily it's a male so I was relieved... no more additional kittens to take care of when it gets older and is capable of multiplying. After cleaning and feeding it, this is what he looks like....

Aww.... he looks like Puss in Boots of Shrek!

These pictures were taken July 2010.

And here he is now....