Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Random Shoe Love

I know these are a little tame, but something makes them special, like heel, color and pattern.  What's your choice? Take your pick!

More Fall 2011 shoe selection to come!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Daiso loot...

A trip to the discount Japanese store, Daiso, produced a banana case(hey, it really is useful for packing a super ripe banana!), HB pencils(for my niece), lemon milk candies(I love lemon so much, so when you say 'lemon', I say 'yes'!!! Seriously, I love anything lemon and lemon flavored.), bubble gum flavored soda(English label at the store said lemon soda, so I bought it.  I also think the bottle is cute!), and lastly, plum tea(I love tea, but this is a salty plum tea, it just tastes gross, I want to throw it away. It's that bad.)
I remembered my father used to buy me HB pencils when I was little.  He would usually come from trips from HongKong or Japan and he would bring me Sanrio HB pencils.  HB for me writes the best.  It's darker compared to the others like 2B. This happened so frequently that I learned to collect pencils... with different cute designs. (Hmm, I should do a blog about that!) 
The light blue bottle of this bubble gum flavored soda is so unique! There's also weird and wonderful characters on the label.  So funny and cute!  Gotta love those Japanese... they are so creative!

Polish it up!!!

I was able to go to the department store yesterday and looked at some nailpolish.  I got so excited with the colors that I bought seven of 'em! Now that's a  new record for me! I usually buy just 1 or 2 at a time.  I feel so guilty! 
Top, left to right: Caronia-Italian Nude, Baby Pink, Trance, Caress-Obsession.
Bottom, left to right: Bobbie-Star Gazer, Charmed, Caress-Christmas Polka.
I applied the Caronia-Trance then topped it with Bobbie-Star Gazer. This reminds me of the starry night sky.  I'm lovin' the shimmer and glitters! I'll be posting pictures of my mani  as I try out the other colors!

Shoes of my dreams

These Fall 2011 shoes by Alexander Birman are so sexy.  Perfect for a night about town.
I love these two from the Marni collection. So cute, quirky and fun!
So love these heels too! Grey for the sophisticated, Bronze for the sultry and seductive, and the Light Pink for the flirty. I prefer the flirty...
I'll be posting more of my dream shoes soon!

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