Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Funny, Furry Coat

Last Friday night, I was able to have dinner with a good friend of mine and do a little window shopping. Of course our favorite store, ZARA, is always a priority. They already started displaying the Fall collection for about 2 months now and are still adding new stocks. The merchandise look so great with all the rich colors and textures. That is why I like the Fall collection more than the others.

Then, we came across this hairy, furry coat that sort of reminds me of the yeti or abominable snowman coz it's just so hairy... We had fun trying it on and posing for pictures... But I must admit, after looking at the picture for the nth time, it does rub off on you, well, it did on me. And I sort of adore it now. Too bad it's not practical for me to buy it unless we have autumn and winter seasons here.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dreamy Boots!

Prada has some fantastic boots this season!  So in love with these boots! There are other color combinations from the collection but these are my top choices! Ahh... a girl can dream...

Photos from style.com