Sunday, October 2, 2011


     As I woke up to a rainy Saturday morning(its the rainy season again, and typhoons just come right after the other during this time of the year), I happen to browse some videos from Youtube and discovered these two talented cellists from Croatia.  Not only do they play the cello, but they play rock cello!  Here they played "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana:
      Pretty awesome, huh! I am so impressed!  I'm just so amazed at these artists.  For me, being able to play an instrument really needs a lot of dedication and hardwork, it's just not because you like to play an instrument but you have to stick to it.  Everything from time, effort, money are sacrificed in order to acquire the skills to play a classical instrument.  When you've acquired the skills, you're good, but it takes talent, real talent, for you to become extraordinary.   I've always loved to play the violin, you can say I'm a frustrated violinist.  Ever since I was a kid I loved listening to the violin.  I loved the idea of being able to play the violin so much that I enrolled myself to a violin class one summer, when I was a freshman in college, but as the weeks passed and I realized that it's hard, my fingers hurt really bad from holding down the strings and I have an impatient violin teacher.  Plus, I realized I don't have the talent, so I gave up and decided not to continue.  I only got to play  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  That is one of my frustrations, and so when I come across someone that plays a classical instrument, especially a string instrument, I'm always amazed by them and wished I too, can play....
     2Cellos consist of Luka Sulic, 24, and Stjepan Hauser,25, both are from Croatia.  They are classically trained but felt that they wanted to play their instruments differently and maximizing their instruments' potential,  like Rock, a genre that's also close to their hearts.  And so, just early this year, they have collaborated and produced a video where they played Michael Jackson's  Smooth Criminal by cello, uploaded it on Youtube, got a million hits in just a few days, major record labels called, and the rest is history.  Now they have a self titled album, and have toured with Sir Elton John, no less!    Here's a video of them playing one of my favorite songs from U2, With Or Without You:
     They play with such passion, watching them play always brings a smile to my lips.   I think I'm a fan for life!   BRAVO!!!

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